BrandSwap – Brand to Brand Partnerships

Sell more at full price, using partner-funded rewards while earning revenue as a publisher

Are you ready to win twice?

BrandSwap allows you to share partner rewards with your customers when they buy from you. It allows you to earn revenue as a publisher and unparalleled levels of control for brand to brand partnerships across the customer journey.

Monetise your most valuable asset - your customers.
At the best moments on the journey for both of you

Start showing rewards on your site immediately

Cross journey

Control where and when brand partnerships natively appear on the customer journey, partner channels and align with your goals.


Shopping cart

Highly subtle partnerships appear at the point of purchase as a Gift With Purchase allowing customers to opt in to reward delivery boosting conversion.

Post transaction

Deliver opted in partnerships post purchase on the order confirmation page and by email, SMS and WhatsApp.

Features & benefits

Control rewards across the whole journey

Decide where you want to monetise before and after the transaction

Increase on site conversion

Create urgency to buy your products in order to unlock partner rewards

Earn publisher revenue

Get paid for any customers who activate partners

No/light tech integration needed

Activate via your network tag or Google Tag Manager

Highly native & brand safe

Pinpoint granular control over page placement and look and feel  

Get real time instant insights on performance

Activate partnerships on your site in minutes

Choose from a ready made list of relevant advertisers and choose the ones which will deliver the best return. You decide who shows where and when. Make light work of Managing relationships via a SaaS interface.

Going live is as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Register on BrandSwap
  2. Activate BrandSwap in the network tag via your account manager or via Google Tag Manager
  3. We can help you set up your first campaign to get the best results or train you how to run your own

Create urgency with Gift With Purchase (GWP)

Choose to show rewards that encourage customers to buy more products and categories, turning lapsed customers into loyal ones and changing behaviour.

Deliver the customer outcomes you want with Gift With Action (GWA)

Use partner rewards to take customers towards targeted goals such as sign-ups, upgrading a product choice, increasing their basket plus many more.

Seamless delivery in your user Journey

Choose to show free gifts as rewards at exactly the points you choose either inline in your customer journey or hovering above your pages depending on your preference.

GDPR friendly delivery post transaction

Deliver dynamic partner rewards chosen pre transaction via your order confirmation email, or via your own or our Email Service Provider.

Publisher widget

Enable publishers, influencers, social and email channels to trigger brand partnership rewards when they direct traffic to your store.

Social amplification

Allow sharing of partner rewards that can only be unlocked with a sale on your site to drive new customers.

Available on Awin and ShareASale

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