BrandSwap – Brand to Brand Partnerships

Target new in market customers and only pay on performance

BrandSwap gives you instant access to partnerships that match your brand.

Are you ready to find the brand partnerships and customers that last?

Gain new customers by delivering rewards to highly relevant customer groups right at the point of purchase

Create rewards your way

Your network offers are automatically imported into our platform, make private deals and add richer branded creative and HTML emails.

Choose retailers

Choose retailers who match your brands audience.

Get customers

Once live, see in real time customer sign ups per retailer.

Features & benefits

Zero tech integration needed​

Run your campaigns via a SaaS management area.

Unrivalled control of brand safety​

Full control of brand placement and a robust approval mechanism.

Make private rewards to the best partners

Make your rewards available only to retailers you want to work with.

Make revenue

From highly relevant drag and drop partnerships that blend seamlessly into your customer journey. Earning you increased customer loyalty.

Get real time insights on your partnerships

Activate partnerships in minutes

Activate partnerships on your site in minutes

Create your rewards and make them available to retailers in a matter of minutes. You decide which retailers you would like to partner with.

Going live is as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Register on BrandSwap
  2. Choose retailers to work with and make deals
  3. Go live!

Pay for the revenue customers deliver only on a performance basis

Target retailers with similar audiences to your brand and pay for new customers generated via your network tracking tag.

Brand safety

Unrivaled control
of brand safety

Unrivaled control
of brand safety

Full control of brand placement and a robust approval mechanism.

Available on Awin and ShareASale

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